LOVEiT 001

Deeper EP

A: Nico Brun – Deeper (Original Mix)
B1: Nico Brun – Deeper (Nick Beringer Dub)
B2: Nico Brun – Bobb (Original Mix)

These guys definitely know what they mean by 'love it' and the Motor City gets new names again. Stuttgarts Nico Brun shows with his debut 'Deeper EP' the young hearts’ passion for house music. The title track rolls warm through your mind and hypnotizes with the prayer to house. 'Bobbs' bassline just makes you move, there is no excuse, the best name for 4×4 madness. Nick Beringers dubby touch perfectly leads the night in the morning light. Chicago, Paris or Stuttgart, no matter where you are – you will love it.

– Prinz Eugen –

sold out

Borrowed Identity (Ostgut Ton / Quintessentials): Deeper - Killer track!

Medlar (Wolf Music): Really nice EP, Bobb is my favourite, been playing it quite a bit!

S3A (Faces / Phonogramme): The Nick Beringer Dubs is for me the one!

Roman Rauch (Philpot / Quintessentials): Nick Beringer Dub - Bomb!

Georg Levin (Sonar Kollektiv): Congrats, good stuff! Takes me right back to the days..

Roger23 (Playhouse): Massive House bomb from Stuggi with a great devotion to the good old NY-House-days without copy and paste feeling ... How Romanthony already said: ... listen and understand ...

Till Krüger (200 / Cocoon): Cool track! Good vibes from you guys! Good luck for you guys. U R good guys!

Leif Müller (Cocoon): Nice first release from the LOVEiT Crew. Some classic and rough Chicago House tracks on this EP. Excited about the the next one already.

Rubinskee (liebe*detail): All tracks are special but deeper is the one or me, it’s perfect for that time of the night when everybody has to dance without any distractions!

Tanzlife (Local Talk): Nice EP, Good Job!

Niko Nastyboy (SHIFT LTD): Really nice EP, I love Bobb and Deeper remix, 2 strong tracks with a touch of the 90s!


Nico Brun
Gerrit Oliver
Annéke Laurent
Rydim Factor
DJ / Producer
Labels: LOVEiT / Rough Recordings
Just House Music


Hello we are LOVEiT. In 2011 we started doin‘ house techno parties in our hometown Stuttgart. Since 2014 we launched our label with local artists from the motor-city and our Sydney representative ‚Gerrit‘ launched LOVEiT parties at the Spice Cellar. We don’t want to reinvent house, just share our passion with the rest of the world.